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Internet offers more and more possibilities for everybody, including medium-sized and small businesses. Within the construction sector, exists, since many years, market places for used equipment as well as plants, where it's possible to offer products for sale. This online-advertisement is substituting the traditional magazines and journals, which announce used equipment for a higher price and to a limited audience of subscribers.The general tendency is to publish these products - construction machinery parts, trucks, trailers, faro equipment etc. - on specialized Internet platforms (market places).

There is various such sites where used equipment dealers or official dealers may open their construction machinery parts to a global market. The benefits from these market places are first of all the cost factors: As there is no lay-out, print, distribution cost, normally it is more economic to announce machinery on Internet. Considering the world-wide audience compared the subscriber audience from traditional specialized journals and the probability to up-date the published information every day, the benefits seem to be unbeatable.

The second generation of specialized market places has just started: Joining the idea of Web 2.0, these new market places begin to offer simple advertisement of equipment for sale for free. This opens new perspective to medium- and small-sized businesses, in other words. contractors or other construction companies, as they're able to find a customer for any construction machinery parts they would like to sell on their own.

Looking for the appropriate construction machinery parts manufacturers

The traditional way to sell a used machine for contractor or other machine-owner, is to replace old equipment by negotiating the price of a new machine with an official dealer, i.e. local Caterpillar dealer. In case the machine owner doesn't want to invert in new construction machinery parts, he can ask a used equipment dealer to purchase his construction machinery parts for a good price.Recently more and more companies are using the possibilities Internet has to offer in this field by advertising their used equipment on above mentioned specialized market places who offer services for free.

Former the only way of getting the machinery information on-line was paying a monthly fee as well as signing a minimum of contract time. Thus most published equipment was owned by professionals in selling and purchasing machinery.Now the new websites offer free advertising services to any company which permits the contractors to get in touch with directly and selling directly their construction machinery parts. Without any inconvenience these final customers can sell their equipment to other final customers on the other part of the world (C2C) and of course save a great deal of money.

On the other hand, the new generation 2.0 market places finance their activities through Banner advertisement of other companies of the construction sector, i.e. construction machinery parts rental, heavy transport companies etc. These sector-related businesses, can place their text ads focusing on the right target audience and at the appropriate moment and so using the most effective and economic way to reach new customers.

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